Pantyhose and stocking fetish love dating

Peavy is a brand that primarily caters to the casino and restaurant industry in the USA but you can get your legs in these online at Stocking Showcase or by searching for “peavy tights” on e Bay and cost around .

For those outside the USA, I haven’t been able to find retailers but Stocking Showcase and some e Bay retailers do offer international shipping. Cecilia de Rafael/Samburu Onix Last but definitely not least is this lovely Spanish brand of high quality pantyhose.

Or worse, use the same brand they fell in love with ten years ago and haven’t caught up with the times. I won’t claim to be the genie for pantyhose fetish tastes but I have sampled a lot (including “playing around” in) and developed my own criteria for judging a pair of hose: 1.

Wolford Neon 40 These are quite possible the perfect pantyhose out there.

If you have a brand left out here, that you think trumps all these, then let me know what they are in a comment below.

If you are disappointed in the lack of control top pantyhose featured here, then I’ll give you the number of my grandma.

I enjoy the snap of the extra definition, contrast and shape.

Accentuating the finer points, and brushing over the blemishes.

Regardless of what the centrepiece looks like stockings and a garter belt are the sexiest Just the act of slipping the nylon over your skin, letting it squeeze your flesh ever so slightly can be enough for some people.

They are a little more expensive than your average pantyhose () but then again, don’t we owe it to ourselves?

Orublu is generally hard to find but can be found online at Stocking Showcase, which ships domestically in the USA and international. Danskin Ultra Shimmery Tights Really thick tights may or may not be your thing but, when they have a shine like this, I find them impossible to resist. Not to mention, they survive many handwashings over years without even a snag.

Again, they can ship internationally for those outside the USA who are dying to slip these on.

* * * I hope you try out one or more of my favorites for a treat on your legs you probably won’t forget.

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