Pathauto not updating

Leave the old alias intact" because it will leave the alias to whatever was first created.

If you haven't gone live, you can temporarily set it to "create new alias, delete old alias" and then use the admin/content/node page to update all the aliases in bulk so they are all current. But the articles on your site do a great job of consolidating what is important and simplifying it.

Redirect from old alias." This will ensure that Google, etc.

will find your new URL by getting redirected from the old one. Leave the existing alias functioning." which is very dangerous since it could end up generating tons of "duplicate content" on your site.

h) Transliterate prior to creating alias - I had trouble with this one previously but maybe it's working properly now.

Redirecting from one URL to the other is fine though the best is to only have one URL for each page on the site.

If you want all blog posts to start with "blogs" and include the user id and title, you could use: blogs/[user-raw]/[title-raw] If you create a special content type and what that to be part of the url, you can do that as well, e.g.

[type]/[title-raw] Simply look at the "replacement patterns" and decide what pieces you want to use in your URLs for different content types.

You can create your own replacement patterns using tokens.

It is good idea to try to think through your Drupal pathauto URL aliases settings before creating a bunch of content so you don't have to worry about the aliases changing due to changing your rules and patterns.

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