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She started he own interior design company Amorrete Ltd in 2013 and launched Molacaho in 2016, a Tanzanian company that deals with designing and manufacturing interior design products.

Here is are things you should know about Mengi and his wife Jacqueline; 1. Jacqueline is 36-years-old younger than Reginald, something which had a lot of people talking after they got married. Mengi says he married Jacqueline because she possesses the qualities of a good wife.

I went to a private hospital in Kericho town, where I was given painkillers and told I needed surgery to remove the tumor,” said Rono.

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“My mother’s experience in a marriage made me vow to keep off relationships. But violent relationships between my mum and dad fuelled my decision to keep away from men who express interest in dating me. It was tormenting to see my mother being beaten up by my dad.He is battling what doctors suggest could be a case of Synthol injection.A medical review of the usage of synthol in bodybuilding indicates the substance is injected deep into muscles to provide an immediate and temporary enlargement of the muscle body.“Some bodybuilders favour synthol injections over anabolic steroids because it does not come with the long list of side effects associated with steroids,” reads a medical document on the subject.It warns that effects of synthol can be devastating and long-term, including permanent muscle disfigurement, muscle fibrosis and development of muscle ulcers and wounds.

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