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As Wrocław developed from the end of the 13th century, new wings were fixed on to account for the political and economic changes taking place in the city over the next 250 years.

On the Late Gothic east facade, look for the astronomical clock dating to 1580.

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Standing at an angle on the Market Square, the Old Town Hall is a group of Gothic buildings bundled together in one complex.The Market Square and Cathedral Island have to be your priorities, but Wrocław will also reward people who just want to wander and see what they can find.Plac Solny is a delight for its non-stop flower market and has St Elizabeth, the city’s tallest church, with a tower that you can climb if you’ve got the energy to burn.The university city of Wrocław is the capital of Lower Silesia and often ranks among the most liveable places in Europe.Wrocław ‘s past is unbelievably complex, and over the last 1,000 years it has come under the control of eight different kingdoms and empires.

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