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The Center also provides a select number of students with the option of living in a language dorm, where students not only take the normal language courses but they also live surrounded by the language all day long.One Spanish major praises the language programs at Pomona, saying that the College's "Foreign Language Resource Center has free tutoring from students in high-level language courses." One popular gathering place at lunch are the language tables in the Oldenborg Center dining hall, where students congregate to practice their conversational foreign language skills with native speakers.

That early commitment to green building continues today.Students report a “decent level of diversity and a strong international community.” Studious and talented, Pomona undergraduates “excel in the classroom and usually have some sort of passion that they pursue outside of the classroom.” “Underneath our sundresses and rainbow flip-flops, we’re all closet nerds—everybody is really passionate about something or other.” At Pomona, “you will meet the football player who got a perfect score on his SAT or the dreadlocked hippie who took multivariable calculus when he was sixteen.” Dress code is uniformly casual, and “flip-flops, polo, or tank tops and shorts” are the unofficial uniform.Pomona students are “ridiculously happy” about their lot in life, and why shouldn’t they be? S.-issued license, expired identification of any kind, temporary paper identification and other identification not listed in the required section. **No outside cups or containers will be allowed.** These forms of identification DO NOT allow entry - school identification card, birth certificate, social security card, consular identification, non-U.

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