Prevent virusscan from updating and epo

Malware and hackers cannot disable Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise.

Defend against threats that target Microsoft applications Guard against buffer-overflow exploits that aim at vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows operating system services, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Mc Afee’s GTI network allows enabled products to evaluate threats on multiple vectors in real time, leading to faster identification of threats and higher capture rates.

Virus Scan Enterprise uses the Mc Afee GTI file reputation service to identify suspicious files before they are necessarily identified as carrying malicious payloads.

A cloud-based service using reputation-based threat protection in addition to other techniques, Mc Afee GTI correlates real-world data collected from millions of sensors globally and delivers intelligence via a complete suite of Mc Afee security products.

Safeguard email programs Detect and clean viruses in Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, including HTML text and attachments.

Plus, with Mc Afee Virus Scan Enterprise, you have the flexibility to detect and block malware based on your business needs: on access, on demand, or on a schedule.

Unbeatable malware detection and removal Block multiple threats Defend your systems against viruses, worms, spyware, bots, Trojans, buffer overflows, and blended attacks.

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With port blocking, file-name blocking, folder/directory lockdown, file share lockdown, and infection trace and block, you can stop many new and unknown malware files cold.

Keeping networks free from a wide range of threats—viruses, worms, rootkits, and Trojans—is more challenging than ever.

Whether your organization is a global enterprise with full-time security staff or a small or mid-sized business, Mc Afee® Virus Scan® Enterprise ensures that your endpoint servers, desktops, and laptops remain malware free.

Lessen damage from outbreaks Limit the risk and impact of an outbreak if one occurs.

Close ports, monitor applications and email engines, and block files and directories, even before . Increase security confidence Defend your desktops, laptops, and file servers against disruptions.

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