Process consolidating memories

He states that “retrograde amnesia gradients do not reveal time courses of memory processes.” In summary, I believe that ambiguities about how we in the field define the posttraining consolidation process reflect, in large part, the different results and conclusions emerging from studies that used different amnestic treatments.

Despite the semantic debate about consolidation and reconsolidation, several studies of the last few years have demonstrated that reconsolidation only partially recapitulates the anatomical, pharmacological, and molecular substrates of consolidation [-consolidation, and, it is now generally accepted that the term reconsolidation is used not to mean faithful repetition of the initial posttraining consolidation, but rather the functional outcome of the process, which is to make memory stable again.] has been challenged.

This discrepancy could be explained, for example, by the fact that a transient blockade of protein synthesis may not affect phases of memory stabilization utilizing the activity or functions of a neuronal network supported by an existing large pool of proteins or proteins that have a long half-life.

A similar interpretation has recently been offered by Paul Gold [] in his insightful review, which summarizes and discusses the field of retrograde amnesia.

(5) Functions of memory reconsolidation; (6) Disrupting reconsolidation: an impairment of memory stabilization or retrieval? Studies of verbal learning and trauma-induced retrograde amnesia in humans that began more than 100 years ago lead to the idea that memories become long-lasting through a process of “consolidation” [].

Over the last century, this process has been extensively investigated behaviorally, pharmacologically, and molecularly in many species, including humans.

When does the posttraining consolidation process end?

Can we identify experimental parameters that can define and temporally delimit the process of memory consolidation?

On the other hand, the reconsolidation process is not fully understood, and theories about the nature and function of memory reconsolidation remain controversial.Hence, there are questions that need to be addressed in relation to the temporal delimitation of memory consolidation.Are we looking at distinct consolidation processes or phases when we use different interference approaches?In this paper, I will present my view on some of the controversial issues of memory reconsolidation and propose a hypothetical model for how this process contributes to memory stabilization.The debated issues that will be discussed are: (1) The term reconsolidation; (2) Temporal constraints of memory reconsolidation; (3) Classical theory of memory consolidation versus theory of memory reconsolidation; (4) Procedural constraints: what is it that needs to be reactivated to produce memory fragility?

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