R rated dating

I didn’t even mind that there was a bit of a love triangle because I genuinely hate one couple/thought they had no chemistry and thought the other wasn’t given enough buildup so I was largely uninvested. He is the embodiment of white male privilege and arrogance and he sucks as a human being.

The Dating Game is a easy to read story that will entertain and frustrate you at the same time.

However, the characters and the plot are a bit too plain for me, and I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I had anticipated.

I don’t hate the novel, but I feel as though it could have been better.

Love, drama, and laughs ensue in this fun and quick read from Kiley Roache, perfect book for a single sitting. The characters have more freedom and independence and let the situations be more mature and dramatic.

Girls in STEM fields is always a plus as well - and the genuine and supportive friendship between Sara and Yaz was wonderful.

However, the characters and the plot fell flat for me, and I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I had hoped.I enjoy any book about technology, especially one with capable women who can code.The story also presents some moral dilemmas as the ethics of the app are questioned.These characters lack dimension, and I feel like they need something more in order for me to really connect with them.❀ SIMPLISTIC PLOTI also had a couple of issues with the plot.Similar to the character situation, it isn’t memorable, and the simplicity makes the story predictable.

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