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Get Literal("Dim my Text Box = New Text Box() my Text Box.

Add(my Text Box) Dim validator = New Required Field Validator() validator.

Googling that uncovered a bunch of blog posts about how Visual Studio adds that line to the web.config when upgrading web apps from 1.1 to 3.5.

The blog posts were mainly complaining about how that field interferes with .net's AJAX stuff, but I'm guessing it messes with the Java Script emitted for the Required Field Validator in a similar fashion.

NET and the Java Script on the form that prevented the postback was not being send to the output because it was missing code.

Anyway, in case anyone else is using this rewriting engine, the solution was to change the default implementation of Actionless Form to the following: Public Class Form Inherits System.

try to set client Id of textbox as targetcontrol id of validator control validator.

Add(validator) yes i m calling master page in this but i think the problem is because i m adding Ajax tool Kit with textbox bcoz when i removed Ajax Control Toolkit .........validates my textbox .............can i validate it with Ajax Tool KIt seems the issue is due to masterpage which changes the id of textboxcontrol when rendered. Net 4.0 then try this Dim my Text Box = New Text Box my Text Box.

The job of the validator isn't to prevent a postback, it's to validate the input. Current 'Skip the action attribute of the form control. Items("Action Already Written") Is Nothing Then My Base.Make sure that you have javascript enabled, and try explicitly setting "Enable Client Script" to true. Inner Writer End Sub Sub New(By Val writer As System. Write Attribute(name, value, f Encode) Else Context.In the code-behind, you should never trust that the validators are validating on the client, and always use I had the same problem, but the answer turned out to be quite different. NET validation from server-side hard coded validation. Render(New Actionless Form Html Text Writer(writer)) End Sub End Class Public Class Actionless Form Html Text Writer Inherits Html Text Writer Sub New(By Val writer As Html Text Writer) My Base. I thought I'd clean out some unneeded code and replace the manual checking with Required Field Validator controls, but while they appear to be validating, they aren't preventing a postback.Ie., I get my error messages displayed but the postback still occurs.

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