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The second column includes a measure of whether survey respondents have dissolved previous marriages; in other words, whether or they’re in first or higher order marriages.

The third column adds two measures of socioeconomic status, education and inflation-adjusted family income.

On the speculative side is their notion that having multiple partners increases awareness of spousal alternatives.

It’s evidence for this proposition that the divorce rate increases in regions with more single people; in other words, we’re always willing to consider alternatives to our current mate.

This is consistent with broader trends in men’s sexual behavior.

The 40% figure is similar to what I found using a different data set (the National Survey of Family Growth) for women marrying before the start of the new millennium (the number is somewhat lower for more recent marriages). In an IFS blog post from two years ago, I wrote about the relationship between premarital sex partners and the probability of divorce.

The biggest declines occurred for people born between the 1920s and the 1940s, the latter of whom came of age during the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Since then, the chances of having only one lifetime sex partner (or, less often, marrying as a virgin) have held steady for married women at around 40%, and have actually inched up for the past couple of cohorts of married men.

Previous research indeed suggests a complex story between premarital sex partners and marital quality. Multiple sex partners prior to marriage reduced marital quality for women, but not men.

Pervasive financial hardship made marriages less happy, yet the divorce rate fell because divorce and single living seemed unaffordable.

A high-conflict but intact family of origin increases the odds of having a disputatious marriage but not the likelihood of divorce.

Also, most Americans have less exciting sexual histories than the media would lead us to believe.

The median American woman born in the 1980s has had three sex partners in her lifetime.

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