Rihanna dating dieter

There are new reports saying that the singer is planning to take the actor to her cousin’s wedding.In fact, the wedding is in Barbados, which is the perfect time for Leo to meet Rihanna’s family.In fact, her own spin doctor spoke of making her ‘the German Thatcher’. The rumors between Rihanna and Leonardo Di Caprio haven’t died down yet.

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But there are similarities – both worked their way up to the top of the party machine unexpectedly, and knifed their party leaders to gain the top job.

Whereas Merkel is renowned for her pragmatic politics, however, Thatcher was a rigid ideologue.

So a better comparison might be the current leader of the far-right Alternative für Deutschland, Frauke Petry.

Punk Punk hit Germany big time in the 1980s, spawning the Neue Deutsche Welle (New German Wave) music scene.

With it came various hairstyles, chief among them the Mohawk – with a shaved head and spikey hair, in Germany it was the 1980s incarnate. Mullets The mullet is the haircut that should be consigned to history, but for some reason isn't.

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