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(commonly referred to as Jackie, Jr.) (Unknown - 2001), played by Jason Cerbone, is a fictional character on the HBO TV series The Sopranos. To Save Us All From Satan's Power", Cerbone's younger brother Matt played a younger Jackie Jr. Despite attempts to succeed at Rutgers, Jackie, Jr. He only began getting involved with the criminal aspects of his family in 2000--season 2 of The Sopranos--after the death of his father and the release of his uncle from prison.He was a linebacker for his football team at Boonton High School and was All-State by the end of his semester.Jackie planned the robbery of a Jewel concert at Rutgers and drove the getaway car for Christopher and Benny Fazio. Jackie was subsequently dumped by Meadow after she found him cheating on her with a hooker.Ralph was not about to let Tony know of his role as a catalyst for the attempted robbery, owing to Tony's distrust of Ralph and Tony's friendship with Jackie's father, but mostly because such knowledge could potentially alter Tony's complicity in any action Ralph might take.At a meeting between Tony and Ralph about what to do about Jackie, Tony stated that the important thing is that action is taken "in a timely fashion." Ralph of course had to maintain stability and more importantly, his stature, so he gave Aprile crew soldier (and Jackie's cousin) Vito Spatafore the order to take out Jackie.

Tony's interest was further increased because he had been a close friend of Jackie's father and had promised Jackie, Sr. Tony was furious because he had tried so hard to keep Jackie straight, eventually beating him up in the bathroom of the club after catching him there getting a lap dance while he was supposed to be dating Meadow, Tony's daughter. wouldn't even put his hands up like a man to fight him, and Tony found a snub-nose .38 on Jackie Jr. Using his dim-witted crew of Carlo Renzi, Dino Zerilli and Matush, Jackie attempted to hold up a card game run by Aprile soldier Eugene Pontecorvo.

At this point, his mother Rosalie Aprile began a romantic relationship with Soprano capo Ralph Cifaretto.

Ralph was more of a transient character in his life than a parent who was actively involved with his life or development as a young man.

However, with the rank and file of the Di Meo Family baying for Jackie's blood, Tony refused to intervene.

Tony suggested giving Jackie a pass for the failed robbery, largely due to his feelings towards Jackie, Sr.

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