Rowvalidating e cancel

I've seen several posts here and on other sites that are similar to my question/problem, but have never really seen anything directly on-target and with a good answer (if I missed one in my search, please point me to it! Please forgive me if this is long, but I want to give as complete/accurate a descriptions as I can... I have a Windows form with side-by-side datagridviews (dgd Applications & dgd Eligible Files).dgd Applications is set for Full Row Select and validation (Causes Vailidation = true).

This Data Grid View exists as part of an entry form with a Cancel button. Error Text = _ "Zero is not a valid track" Return False Else If Not Integer. Error Text = "A Track must be a number" songs Data Grid View. Cancel = Not (Is Track Good(track Cell) _ And Also Is Date Good(date Cell)) End Sub Private Function Is Track Good(By Ref cell As Data Grid View Cell) As Boolean If cell. Error Text = "Please enter a track" songs Data Grid View.

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