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Pebbles explained in docs that the film showed her “as a conniving and dishonest business woman who hoodwinked three innocent girls and exploited their talent for her own personal gain.” Further, she said that contrary to what the film showed, she never controlled the band’s lawyers and always paid the girls what they were due Viacom fired back at the allegations they defamed Pebbles.

In the docs they state that based on their knowledge, the portrayal of Pebbles was accurate and they did not act with malice when making the film.

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Likewise, American actress Rozonda Thomas had also gone through a few breakups before she was spotted with the ex-husband of another actress.

Chili said that Dallas didn’t want this to be film because he feared the reaction of his now 18-year-old son with Chili and others.

Chili stated that she understood his concern and also didn’t want her baby daddy cast in a negative light if their son saw the film.

Falling in love is something which is not under the control of a person.

When a person finds someone perfect for them, their heart automatically starts beating for them.

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