Rules for dating a vegetarian

Welcome to our reviews of the dating a vegetarian girl (also known as thai bride scams).

Also, a reusable water bottle is a must, and for vegans, size does matter. Bike, walk, skateboard, rollerblade or run to wherever you can, whenever you can. If you drive an SUV, it better be a hybrid, or you better actually need it. Always carry your own mug to get coffee or tea or whatever. “He would get annoyed if I got something with meat in it because he couldn’t share with me and he ‘had to make out with me’ so I would have to brush my teeth.It all made me feel very guilty.”Despite penning a book titled The Shameless Carnivoreauthor Scott Gold told us he would indeed date a vegetarian … “It wouldn’t be easy and she would have to be completely awesome in almost every other way.” Entering into a relationship with a vegan, however, is a sacrifice he simply won’t make. Never…butter and cheese are entirely too important to me. Give me dairy or give me death.”Gold isn’t the only one who draws the line at vegans."I would be very hesitant to date a vegan, but [it] has more to do with being suspicious of someone who’s elected to restrict [his] own realm of pleasure that much,” writes Kris W., editor, of Boston, Mass.

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