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The Academy Awards first recognized his work in nominating him for playing a racist murderer on death row in the drama film Dead Man Walking (1995).

He was nominated again for his comedic performance as an egotistical jazz guitarist in the film Sweet and Lowdown (1999).

Over the years, the way the story has been reported (like in Nancy Griffin and Kim Masters' excellent book, Hit and Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony for a Ride in Hollywood) was that Michael Keaton had recently broken off a relationship with Pfeiffer and he felt it would have been awkward to work with his ex.

However, that doesn't really explain why he was cool with her playing Catwoman and licking his face in Batman Returns just three years later...

Penn appeared in a 1974 episode of the Little House on the Prairie television series as an extra when his father, Leo, directed some of the episodes.

Penn launched his film career with the action-drama Taps (1981), where he played a military high school cadet.

Penn received another two Oscar nominations for Woody Allen's comedy-drama Sweet and Lowdown (1999) and the drama I Am Sam (2001), before winning his first Academy Award for Best Actor in 2003 for Mystic River and a second one in 2008 for Milk.

: Michael Keaton vetoed Michelle Pfeiffer for Vicki Vale in the first Tim Burton Batman movie because they had dated and Keaton felt it would be awkward to work with an ex-girlfriend.

Years ago, I covered the basic facts of this scenario in a Comic Book Legends Revealed a number of years ago, but the specifics of WHY it happened remained a bit up in the air until a recent interview by Robert Wuhl and so I thought that it was worth re-visiting this story from a different angle.

He received his third nomination after portraying a mentally handicapped father in I am Sam (2001).

Penn finally won for his role in the Boston crime-drama Mystic River (2003).

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