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Once you provide your credit card information to cover shipping costs, you are unknowingly locked into a monthly subscription.

Delivery and billing can then be difficult, if not almost impossible, to stop.

A subscription trap can trick you by offering "free" or "low-cost" trials of products and services.

Products commonly offered are weight loss pills, health foods, pharmaceuticals and anti-ageing products.

Scammers use websites, emails, social media platforms and phones to reel people in.

Remember, high-pressure sales tactics like a "limited time offer" are often used to rush you into making a decision.

She has just severed the scammer’s cord-like arm that was trying to break into the company vault.

Connected to the trap are three spiked balls and chains, representing hidden monthly charges, shipping costs and unbreakable contracts.

Its arm has already reached through two interconnected laptop computers, representing two levels of employees. If yes, be on the lookout; this scam specifically targets you!

The first computer closest to the scammer displays the email message sent to an employee: “Hi Dave. I need access to our funds.” The second computer displays the message from the employee to someone at the company with financial authority: “This is Dave. In a typical "CEO scam," fraudsters will impersonate a senior company executive, either by gaining access to their email address or by imitating one.

CEO scams are a growing global threat that targets small local businesses and large corporations alike.

An elderly man with a grey beard in a purple superhero suit is upheaving a wooden cart with one of his arms.

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