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Conversely, it is one of the few places through which an invading army could launch a naval assault from.I've not read the book and am just spitballing* but could he be referring more to Ukraines nature as a buffer to the rest of Europe/European values?Trying to affect race relations in America is just a convenient way to instigate chaos and anger and throw the political system off balance.Another good example is the extreme right-wing groups in Europe.

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Russia is largely landlocked, Crimea is one of their only access points to the sea.Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe when it is needed as the breadbasket of Russia.It isn't that the Ukraine is dangerous, it is that losing control of it is.The US since the Civil War never seriously took on the challenge of normalizing race relations in the US, hence why it took another 100 years for Civil Rights to make that attempt, and at this second opportunity, the US again chose to softball the challenge and look here we are again.Russia is not the ones that created pro-corporate economic policies that squeezed out the little mom and pop shops, leaving the lower classes behind.

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