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Modern technology has benefitted many relationships in recent years, in the form of sexting and video calls while you're separated.

And if you're looking to give your sex life an added boost, your smartphone can be a handy gadget too.

Photo: 123rf ALSO READ: 10 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR SEXUAL CONFIDENCE ' / Put on that shade of lipstick he loves and take a close-up of your lips.

If you want to get a bit naughtier, bite your lips to up the sexy factor.

Take it one step further by wearing some sexy heels too.Anything in silhouette form looks great and all your curves will be accentuated. Channel your inner Angelina Jolie from Mr & Mrs Smith, except instead of hiding a gun in your garter belt, you’ll have something much less painful and way more pleasurable waiting for him.Take a photo of your legs, while peeling off the stockings and heels and hit send.Photo: 123rf ALSO READ: YOU KNOW YOU' RE IN LOVE WHEN YOU HIT THESE 7 SMALL RELATIONSHIP MILESTONES ' / Take a picture of yourself lying seductively in your bed, fully-clothed, and add a caption like, “Wish you were here” or “It feels lonely without you”.Or just take a photo of your empty bed, with a message such as, “Plans for tonight?

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