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Russian free dating guide Russian dating guide 2018 - Meet your love Russian dating tips from experts for foreign men Russian women dating articles - How to meet girls Russian dating advice for singles What do you know about Belarus? It is a very typical answer for a Western man who is used to think that Ukraine and Belarus are part of Russia even if formally they are independent states.Well, Ukraine has finally become worldwide knows and now even people from remote parts of the planet will never confuse it with Russia.Speaking about cultural background we can say that Russians and Belarusians are perhaps the closest Slavic peoples in the world.These two nations have never been at war and have never had any conflicts at all.

Historically it toggled back and forth between the Polish-Lithuanian union and the sphere of influence of Russia.Belarusians always care about their appearance and health – they do not save money on visiting cosmetologist, massage and different useful procedures.They also like stylish clothes and nice hairstyle and all of this makes them really womanlike.I to this day have never met a person from Belarus who was anything else but soft-spoken and gentle in disposition. There are two issues with Minsk that are no fault of the people. But to get there you have to follow the instructions here: visa for Belarus – Basically you need passport photos and fill out an application and pay a travel agency there to give you an invitation.The legacy of the Chernobyl disaster and the political dictatorship that holds a grip there. It will be a bout 40 dollars to get an invitation letter.

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