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The first possible origins comes from the Sundanese phrase katiban inten, which means "struck down by diamonds".

The phrase comes from the history of the Bantenese people, who were originally animist, then embraced Buddhism or Hinduism.

In March 1942, the Japanese invaded the Indies and occupied the region for 3 years, before they surrendered in August 1945.

The area was returned to Dutch control for 5 years, before they handed the region to the new Indonesian government when the Dutch left in 1950.

Banten was absorbed into the province of West Java.

However, separatist sentiment ultimately led to the creation of the province of Banten in 2000.

The province is a transit corridor to the neighbouring Indonesian island of Sumatra.

It was told that Surasowan was surrounded by a clear river of water, as if this country was surrounded by stars.

In recent years, the northern half, particularly those areas near Jakarta and the Java Sea coast, have experienced rapid rises in population and urbanization, while the southern half, particularly that facing the Indian Ocean, maintains more of its traditional character.

Centuries ago, the area in what-is-now Banten is ruled by the Sundanese Tarumanagara kingdom.

By the late 16th century, Islam has replaced Hinduism and Buddhism as the dominant religion in the province, with the establishment of the Banten Sultanate.

At that time however, Europeans traders started arriving in the region.

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