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These are the men providing sex in return for money or goods to women who want a holiday “romance”.

The men are invariably from impoverished families, have little or no education and are sometimes illiterate.

When we hear about examples in the news, we think, maybe the child misinterpreted it? We think ‘it can’t be that harmful for the child’, but research shows it is for people when they realise what happened. “People tend to go, ‘it can’t be that bad’, and ‘cor lucky him’, especially if it’s an attractive teacher,” says Dr Hetherton.

“But most people recognise the inappropriateness and professional boundaries and manage their behaviour.Dr Hetherton explains: “These women feel they’re inducting the person into a loving relationship.They frame it that way and over look that they’re a child.“They may see it as an affair and a viable way of expressing their sexuality.They might see the adolescent as responsible especially if they initiated it or seemed to enjoy it.

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