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Encryption used in these platforms has been cited as a reason behind the ban, and January's crackdown on Skype came after Microsoft announced it would offer users end-to-end encryption.

The talks come as Microsoft rolls out plans to build two data centers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai next year.

Initial products were similar to those monochrome greenware made by Yuezhou (岳州) kiln.

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Apple's Face Time is not available on i Phones sold in the UAE, but the app is said to generally work if used on phones purchased abroad.

In short, the wording specifically mentioned that it was made in Hunan in a location called Shi Zhu.

Changsha bowl providing proof of Hunan Shizhu provenance Archaeological surveys showed that Changsha wares were first produced during 2nd half of the 8th Century and reached its peak during the Mid/late Tang period.

Some of the waste is as thick as more than 4m, a testament to the enormous production scale.

Archaeological surveys confirmed that the kilns were mainly located along the east bank of the Xiang river (湘江) which flows pass the Shizhu region.

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