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It is believed that the success of the Beals basketball teams at tournaments in Augusta and Bangor shed light on the need for a bridge to the mainland.It is not surprising that Norco one25 after the teams successes, in 1958, a bridge was built.A statue of Tall Barney will ultimately be placed in the middle of the Moosabec Center courtyard.Local resident and author, Velton eabody, has published a book on Tall Barney folklore and has donated its publishing rights to the Beals Historical Society.

The teams took boats over from the island to the mainland to play games.Our two speedsters (RP2 Margarito Barerras and CM2 Jeremiah Freye) finished in just under at .Overall it was a good day of running and I think I may have convinced a couple of people to come run in Key West next year.Dutifully, I notified the runners the race was cancelled along with a map of the course and instruction on where to give times if they ran 13.1 miles as an individual on Sunday.We spread out some of the runners to maintain our covertness, but I still had 25 show up at my doorstep to start at pm local time.

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