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What we did was create a live-matching software for speed dating.” Brett founded the company with his wife Louise O’Connor, a software developer with 20 years of experience.Using his background in finance, Brett organized and publicized the company while Louise developed a complex matchmaking software that pairs couples in real time.“It remembers both at the current event and at future events. No one wants to come back and talk to the same people again.” With so much drudgery involved in online dating — from messaging to setting up dates — singles can quickly grow tired of the scene. “We’ve created a new way of dating, called adventure dating, where people find out where they’re going to meet on that day,” Brett said.“We’ll send them a message saying, ‘Your first date begins at this bar.’ And we might have three or four starting venues.” But the dates don’t stop with the first bar. “The groups will turn out and individuals are introduced to various dates on various rounds of speed dating,” said Brett.“People tell us our experience is different,” Brett said.“They tell us they like having a night out, not sitting in front of an app.“Our events aren’t like online dating at all,” said Brett.“If we have 100 people at an event, the software will split those people up into 50 pairs based on their preferences.” Dating apps, of course, make users do most of the work.

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Short version: Brett Couston and Louise O’Connor noticed the ways that technology was disrupting traditional dating, but one popular method had still been left in the dust: speed dating.The company’s first event broke a world record for the largest speed dating event ever orchestrated.City Swoon, founded in Australia, has also rolled out events in the United States and has plans to expand to Canada.The company aims to disrupt the idea that singles at speed dating events must talk to everyone.Some singles will never be compatible, and the situation itself — being trapped across from someone for a predetermined period — can be uncomfortable.

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