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If you do not have audio in the videos which play within the Steam client, it is possible that the ALSA libraries packaged with Steam are not working.

Attempting to playback a video within the steam client results in an error similar to: The FMOD audio middleware package is a bit buggy, and as a result games using it may have sound problems.

This error is related to security software, spyware or a virus preventing the 'Steam New.exe' file from being overwritten during the update process. Check your security software's settings If you are running an antivirus program, firewall program, or any security product, these may interfere with the deletion and replacement of the 'Steam New.exe' file.

Please check your settings for the program and make sure that you are prompted to allow activities which may trigger the security software. Disable any programs which interfere with Steam Make sure any programs that may interefere with the process are either disabled or uninstalled.

Please go to ref=6057-YLBN-1660 for more information on removing the offending program.

It usually occurs when an unused sound device is used as default for ALSA.

See Advanced Linux Sound Architecture#Set the default sound card. This error can also occur because of Steam runtime issues and may be fixed following the #Finding missing runtime libraries section or due to no space being left on the device.

For debugging purposes it might be useful to run Steam from the console and observe the log.

If your Steam apps (games, software…) download speed through the client is unusually slow, but browsing the Steam store and streaming videos is unaffected, installing a DNS cache program, such as dnsmasq can help [1].

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