Stop forumla now from updating F0Ldw ⚠️ UPDATE ⚠️ Patch 1.09 has now just been released on PC and is now OUT on all platforms!

✅ PC ✅ Xbox One ✅ PS4 Read the full patch notes here:…

You may want to update the handle if you see a red chip in your Profile page ;) Suggest tags option added in each problem page (Look for a button in the problem page).

You can choose tags from a set of pre-defined tags.

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This will prevent Windows Update from automatically installing updates.

Now you can see the exhaustive list of problems solved / attempted on the profile page and add them to your To Do list or analyse your progress based on that which are also categorised with generalised tags.

We have added a filter on Tag Search to find you exactly the problems that you want.

Name this entry 'No Auto Update' and press 'Enter'.

Once you’ve created this, double-click the new entry and change the 0 to a 1 in the 'Value data' box. You can limit Windows updates instead of disabling them in the Registry.

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