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This seems to explain why Ubuntu frequently releases updates whenever a new version of Firefox is available, but doesn't do so for Thunderbird.If the application doesn't start, type locate in a terminal.Debian distributes rebranded versions of Firefox (Iceweasel) and Thunderbird (Icedove). Type Configure urpmi on your system, using the instructions at easyurpmi.Packages for testing/sarge and unstable/sid users are available in the standard Debian repository. Then use System/Configuration/Packaging/Install Software in the Mandriva Control Center and search for firefox or thunderbird.Press the Search button and enter firefox (or thunderbird).Scroll through the list and find the firefox package.This article is written for users who are moving from Windows to Linux and want to continue to use Mozilla applications.It can be used with any Linux distribution or window manager, but is somewhat Ubuntu-centric due to that distribution's popularity.

You could have also used one of the other methods described in moving your profile to tell Firefox and Thunderbird where to look for the profile.With Ubuntu (or any Debian based distribution) you can use either the package manager or Automatrix to install the msttcorefonts package .For other distributions (Fedora, open SUSE etc.) you could install the rpm's from this web site if you can't find a more convenient solution.For example, you might want to create a "profiles" directory that contains both your Firefox and Thunderbird profiles.Check for Updates menu is enabled in the build on the Mozilla web site, but it's frequently disabled (though you can still check for updates for add-ons) if you installed it using a package manager with a graphical front end such as Synaptic or Adept.

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