System windows forms control validating

Scroll Control)Gets or sets the Ole Drag Drop Events Target.

Initializes all data object consumers for this grid. Cell Changed event indicating the contents of the current cell have been changed (e.g.

Scroll Control) Gets or sets a value indicating whether the grid can enable caching style property values of Get View Style Info styles when accessed the first time. Read Only might be accessed multiple times from different routines for the same style object). Scroll Control) Gets or sets the height and width of the client area of the control. Move To will be deferred until the grid sets the active control inside a parent container and its System. When using the grid in MFC applications or in an Active X host this value lets you change the default behavior of Tab and Arrows keys.

Shows how to populate all fields including picklists and combobox lists and work with properties. Please Click Play in video instead of following Links below Brought to you by ITPro Guru Dan Stolts.

Gets a value indicating whether the caller must call an invoke method when making method calls to the control because the caller is on a different thread than the one the control was created on. Ultra Grid Base)Resets all of the properties on the bands and column which were set by the Enforce Xsd Constraints(String, Xsd Constraint Flags) method. Ultra Grid Base)On Filter Cell Value Changed is called when the user modifies a cell in a filter row.

If you do not have any need for this and want to increase scrolling performance of the grid, try setting this property false. Returns a reference to the active mouse controller that is receiving Mouse Down, Mouse Move, Mouse Up messages when the user has pressed a mouse button. This ensures the grid will properly return focus to the current cell if a message box is shown and closed in a custom event handler. Method returns true if Current Cell Renderer should handle Delete key, optionally raising a Current Cell Deleting event. Scroll Control) Allows you to perform a quick Invalidate / Update pair on the grid without executing any of the grids default paint code.

If this behavior causes problems you should set this property false. It returns false if grid should handle the key, possibly raising a Clearing Cells event Overloaded. Instead you can provide your own routine to update invalidated areas in the grid.

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