Taller women dating a shorter man Chatzy sexy

Also, it frees up his hands to play with your nipples and clit, which is an excellent bonus.

To get in position, simply kneel on all fours and have him enter you from behind, either standing or kneeling, whatever works best.

When you’re riding on top, you might find you have to crane your neck way down to reach your partner’s face.

This is not a bad thing—I can easily reach most of the shelves in my apartment and enjoy clomping around like a giant on those occasions when I choose to wear heels—nor does it even feel that tall.

For this one, choose a surface that hits your partner at waist level.

Perch yourself on that with your legs spread while he positions himself in front of you for standing sex that puts your pelvises on the same level.

(Also, ample opportunity to smack his ass.) Lie on your back and have him lie over you, across your waist, penetrating you from a sideways angle.

Here’s a sexy option that might also build arm muscle, if you’re into that sort of thing: The seated wheelbarrow, which renders your heights irrelevant.

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