Thalia and fernando colunga dating

At Christmas-time of 2001, Fernando filmed the Christmas-telenovela _"Navidad sin fin (2001) (mini)_ in which Fernando played a surprise role of an "ugly" and poor man.

Fernando Colunga is arguably the best Mexican actor and the most famous at the same time .

They broke up months after the recording of the soap opera was completed.

some famous Mexican actors are; Eduardo Verastegui, Gael Garcia Bernal, Fernando Colunga, Aaron Diaz, Valentino Lanus, Kuno Becker, Jaime Camil and Alfonso Herrera Alison lozz jeniffer Lopez willam levy The cast of La guerrera vengadora - 1988 includes: Edna Bolkan Abril Campillo Fernando Colunga Guillermo de Alvarado Eric del Castillo Julio Fernandez Michelle Mayer Juan Moro David Reynoso Lizette Rizzo Fernando Torres as we all know is the hotty of football,but is he all he cracks up to be? It was on the news in 2005 that he once cheated on his girlfriend Olalla Domínguez Liste but they got married in 2009, 27th of May.

The role of Fernando in this telenovela was originally made for 10 episodes, but after the huge success that his role had, the producers made 80 more episodes with Fernando Colunga.

His first participation in the television was with the telenovela _"María Mercedes" (1992)_ (qv.His first leading role was in the telenovela _"María la del Barrio" (1996)_, which was very successful.Right after this telenovela, Fernando took his second leading role in the telenovela Esmeralda (1997) that made him very famous not only in Mexico but in 170 countries of the world where the telenovela has been shown.He is the only actor that has filmed 5 very successful telenovelas successively .Fernando is beloved both in Mexico and the rest of the world.

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