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The same issue also implied they were good at mathematics or at the very least counting, as their first appearance in the issue had them counting up to 783 when watching Gaston use books as barbells.In the first issue, they were also shown to be good at setting hunting traps, as they had a net trap set up that would activate if stepped on (which they intended to use on Gaston, although because Gaston knocked Le Fou away, the latter accidentally set the trap instead).Collectively, the Bimbettes are lovestruck maidens who swoon for Gaston, primarily due to his handsome physique.Like Gaston, they primarily like someone largely because of how they look, although it is unclear if they are obsessed with their own looks like Gaston is.They were also seen wearing stringy hair bows at one point, when Gaston, in reference to dating them, stated that "a hunter does not waste time hunting rabbits." Elise is depicted as having a beauty spot on the right side of her face near her mouth as well as red flowers and gold oak leaf patterns on her dress; Eloise is depicted as having red flowers and bucket patterns on her sleeves as well as a white polka-dot pattern on her otherwise pink corset, and Eliana is depicted as having her beauty spot just underneath her right eye, a slight mantle on her dress, and elaborate red patterns on the dress.They first appear in the introduction song of the film, where they are remarking on how Gaston's dreamy, cute and a strong brute, eventually fainting.Aside from being depicted as having curly dark hair instead of straight blonde hair, they also wore largely similar dresses, which are depicted as more conservatively designed and very fancy, as well as being primarily pink in color (presumably to better contrast with Belle's blue dress) with some floral patterns on the sleeves and corset as well as white pinnies, as well as wearing fancy pink hats, and were shown to wear a significant amount of makeup, which showcased their obsession with outer beauty.

In the live-action remake, the Bimbettes, or rather, the Village Lasses, were given a significant redesign.

In the issues of Beauty and the Beast set during the winter, they are seen wearing shawls over their dresses, colored in a similar manner to their dresses.

When they appeared as children in one of the comics, they had long winter dresses with a ribbon tied at the back.

The Bimbettes, whose individual names names are Claudette (with the red dress), Laurette (with the amber dress), and Paulette (with the green dress), are identical triplet sisters working as waitresses at a local tavern in the unnamed French village which is the home of Belle.

Like most of the young women of the village (according to the 1994 Marvel comics as well as implied in the original film), they are infatuated with Gaston, showing neither awareness or concern over his truly boorish and chauvinistic nature, but he has no interest in marrying any of them because he wants the most beautiful girl in town as his wife.

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