Tips for dating a farmer

There’s often lots of parish and community events for which you will need to bring a dish or ‘traybake’.

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Biscuit cake is mine – easy to make and everyone always loves it. Now that I have derided the occupation, I’d love to hear what farmers’ wives (and wives to other occupations) think?!

Remember too that most farms are at least 20 minutes drive from all these activities so it is a case of doing the grocery shopping or sitting in the car as it’s not worthwhile heading home and back in.

Farmers aren’t known for their dress sense but for hard wearing jeans, t-shirts, warm jumpers, dirty wellies and yes, splattered with much on occasion. ) do get scrubbed up for a night out, that you both look pretty impressed with each other and fall in love all over again 🙂 Going on holidays or travelling different roads than he normally would means that your farmer husband has lots of entertain him when he does wake up occasionally in the passenger seat – as long as you’re not driving along the motorway!

Perhaps you should read this list before you do 😉 Apparently in the 1940s and 50s, there were many single farmers in Ireland – partly due to not being able to afford to marry as they looked after aging parents and partly because some women had decided that marrying a farmer would be too much like hard work and wanted to marry those with other professions/jobs.

Admittedly, it can depend on the type of farming and the size of the farm. However, the advice tends to be relatively standard – farmers tend to be similar in many ways!

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