Traditional dating anniversary gifts

Or buy a first time set of silver flatware for your partner.

You can find many choices of silverware patterns as well as sterling silver trays, platters and pitchers on Silver From Italy, a site that sells Italian Sterling Silver tableware.

Carved allows people to buy pre-designed or custom-made wooden cases for cell phones, power banks, speakers and more.

Love to sit together by the fire on those cold winter nights?

Sites like Tree Hugger, Pinterest & Etsy also showcase many options from around the web.

See Native Online for a collection of sites where you can find totem poles carved by North American Indian carvers.

Why not get your partner a rack of wooden logs for many nights of enjoyment.

This is a gift of wood you both will enjoy all winter. You can plant it together and it will always be a reminder of your fifth anniversary as you celebrate anniversaries together for years to come.

There is something about making it as a couple for five years that makes the relationship seem permanent.

You will want to go all out to make the fifth anniversary a memorable one for you and your partner.

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