Transvetite dating

Obviously thinking it best to be completely upfront about her status as a transgender person, she also wrote "Until November, I've got a d*ck.

Use it before I lose it" and added telling emojis, making it clear for anyone who read it to deduce that she was in the midst of transitioning.

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According to her Reddit posts, Emma is an application security engineer who was born male, but is now living life as a woman and undergoing sex reassignment surgery in November to complete her transformation.One person wrote: "She set her profile to match with men. I would have been a little confused too and the two-girl emoji isn't as clear as a written statement.They weren't being disrespectful, just dense, but she just shot them down." However, supporters of the transgender community were quick to defend her, stressing how difficult it is to date as a transgender person.Equally, transgender woman and writer Janelle Villapando showed the other side of the coin when she wrote about how a handsy make-out session in a car turned to disaster when she realised her date hadn't read her dating profile properly and did not know she used to be a man.After finding out, her date became incredibly aggressive, leaving her in fear of attack.

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