Uk long distance dating

My best advice is to focus on meeting the financial requirement for the spouse visa, it's the least volatile route.If you are open to it, you could live in another EU country (such as Ireland), but in the midst of Brexit, that's an uncertainty now, too.Finding a gift is a test of how well you know your partner.We have already discussed ideas for how to come up with unique and personal ideas for presents in a long distance relationship.

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I know this is a lot of information, and I apologise.At the moment, you can still use the Surinder Singh route to move back to the UK after living together in another EU member state, but that's such a gamble.Probably you've already investigated this but -- does your partner receive Carer's Allowance (a UK benefit) for caring for his mother?If you teach maths/physics/chemistry then those jobs are currently in shortage, but that only exempts you from the resident labour market test, it doesn't guarantee you job sponsorship, and the shortage list could change by the time you finish your degree.As someone who is in a US/UK relationship, I understand that there's no perfect way forward and that there's a lot of uncertainty.

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