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We need to refresh the Pivot table manually as standard functionality in Excel to update the Pivot table results with these changes in source data.In this article, we will learn how to refresh the Pivot table in Excel manually to update Pivot Table results.

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It has multiple types: Exercise: Below is city category table “City_Cat”, now I want to map city category to Employee table and show all records of Employee table.

In this tutorial, I’ve performed all these operations in SQL: To perform operations listed above, I’ll use the data listed below (Employee)\: In excel, we can view all the records directly. View only ECODE and Gender data of Employee table Select ECODE, Gender from Employee Organizing information becomes important when you have more data. You can quickly organize an excel worksheet by sorting your data in ascending or descending order.

But, SQL requires a command to process this request. Syntax: In addition to sorting, we often apply filter to analyze data in a better way.

We have seen methods to remove records, we can also add records to SQL table as we do in excel. Syntax: In excel, we can create a column, based on existing column using functions or operators. Create a new column City_Code which has first three characters of City.

For more details on SQL functions, I would recommend you to refer this link.

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