Updating dbml asp net

One is the Delete action but the other overrides the Delete Action that overrides the Delete Confirmed method.The Get action fills in user details on the form by the id of the user then the Post action is performed on it.Create Controller and Views for User CRUD operations You need to create a controller to handle the request from the browser.In this application I created the "User Controller" controller under the Controllers folder.I'll also show how we can cleanly integrate business rules and custom validation logic with our data model.In Part 2 of this series I walked through how to create a LINQ to SQL class model using the LINQ to SQL designer that is built-into VS 2008.

Run the application and click on detail link in the user list.When you create the repository class, you create an interface that represents all of the methods used by the repository class.Within your controllers, you write your code against the interface instead of the repository.So create a controller that has post and get action results depending on the operation.Operation 1: Create New User Create two actions in the controller, one for the new user to create a view (Get Action) and another for submitting new user details to the repository (Post Action). Run the application and call the create action for the user list.

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