Updating error iphone 4

Before moving on to fixes of this error let us understand the possible reasons for this technical glitch and based on that, follow the fixes to resolve the issue. This is necessary for your i Tunes to update normally in future and do not generate errors while installing or updating i OS on your i Phone or i Pad.

Important Note: The i Tunes Error 3194 can also occur because of the wrong firmware version.

For some users this may be unacceptable as a permanent solution, but again this is a workaround, so you can decide whether or not the trade-offs of temporary disabling wi-fi calling and LTE voice are worth having a cellular data connection at all.

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i Tunes error 3194 is usually witnessed when you try to restore or upgrade your i Phone or i Pad to another i OS.

Regardless it’s always good advice to stay up to date on system software updates.

If a new software update does resolve known cellular data problems with i Phone, then you’ll almost certainly want to change the LTE data setting back to Voice & Data, and enable wi-f calling on the i Phone again so that you can use those great features as usual.

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