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Summary The "Steves" of Full House are all time-travelers.

Cousin Steve is really Alex Katsopolis from the future.

It is also revealed later in the series that Jesse was born "Hermes Katsopolis."It is also known that, early in the series, Jesse had graduated high school (revealed in the high school reunion episode) but then later in the series, Jesse had not graduated high school (and he began taking night classes and studying with Boyfriend Steve).

Speaking of Boyfriend Steve, his last name was initially Peters and then later became Hale.

One objection I can foresee is, if Cousin Steve and Boyfriend Steve are Alex and Nicky, why then do they not look alike?

This objection is, strangely, eliminated by a heretofore unmentioned cast member: Michelle.

I believe the nexus of Steves holds the key to understand what is going on.

We also see Boyfriend Steve has a link to Jesse when the two of them study together, whereas he has no significant (as far as I can recall) interaction with his mother Becky.

But consider that: (a) By now, the name "Steve" is clearly associated with time-travel, (b) once we have accepted that one twin is a time-traveler, the other twin's time-travel is obviously suggested, and (c) Boyfriend Steve can't keep his last name straight (a trait associated Katsopolises).

Further, we have seen that Cousin Steve (Alex) has a special bond with DJ.

The Twins are Steves Cousin Steve can only really be DJ's first cousin if he is from the future, and the only known first cousins are Nicky and Alex, so I am not going to needlessly invent new cousins.

(You know, Occam's Razor and all.)So, if we work from the assumption that Cousin Steve that he is a cousin and that feeling of family overpowers their rational minds.

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