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If your partner hasn't made you feel wanted throughout the day, "sending the vibes when you're ready for sleep isn't the best approach," says author and intimacy expert Miyoko Rifkin.

"By sleeping in separate beds you avoid the risk of feeling like you're obliged, or having to reject your partner." Getting good quality sleep has major health benefits.

"This can be a result of snoring, kicking or bumping, et cetera," says Bennett.

"The health effects of a lack of sleep include an increased risk of a host of mental and physical ailments, including depression and obesity, neither of which are particularly helpful in keeping a relationship thriving." The default time to get down with your partner may be right before bed, but it can be especially hard to get in the mood when you've had a busy day or if sex seems forced because it is so routine.

"It's not as easy as rolling over and reaching out for your partner.

You put more thought into the action of seeking out your partner for intimacy.

Armstrong says sleeping solo can help end resentment for those things and improve communications.

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Keim is from the Garnett, Kansas Amish settlement, a small community with a long history.

With that in mind the piece’s approach to this practice seems pretty appropriate to me.

How common is it in a new relationship (just over a month) to be asking to come over or asking me to come over and just sleep?

This can lead to less conflict within your relationship." Even if you don't see your partner all day, every day, sleeping in the same bed with them every single night might start to feel stale.

Certified relationship coach Chris Armstrong says sleeping away from your partner gives the relationship a breather and gives you the personal space you crave."We all need a timeout and sometimes, a good night's sleep away from our partner gives us that," says Armstrong.

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