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Since leaving WWE, Keibler has married Jared Pobre, CEO of online advertising company Future Ads. AJ Lee is, in many ways, the wrestler who sparked the current revolution in women’s wrestling.But she was still part of WWE in the days when on-screen relationships made up a large part of female characters’ air time.The way we view life, our interests, they don't really align you know?" When Amy and Edge began bonding:"I know both of us were kind of like, 'Oh sh*t' you know once we started to-to realize we were more than just two bros just hanging out.And so the hard thing that has always been with this time period is, you know, we realized we were going down a path that we shouldn't and what I mean by that is mentally, mentally... "Adam was on the road and I said 'Hey, you know what? We need to be in our own worlds and evaluate and don't do anything because you know, like don't do anything for me, I'm not gonna do anything for you. You need to figure out what's right for your world. If not, I support and respect whatever your decisions are.He's like 'Okay that seems like the mature adult thing to do'."The whole thing being turned into a storyline between Matt and Edge:"It became such a hot story and they said 'They want to turn this into a story, but you guys have been professional, he [Matt] hasn't, there is money involved in this storyline, but it's your call'.After debuting from WCW as The Duchess of Dudleyville, she was linked with Vince Mc Mahon, while working as his personal assistant, and then as a manager and on-screen girlfriend for both Test and Scott Steiner.There was some crossover with real life here as Keilber was dating Test during their early run.

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Another star whose time in WWE was often tied up in on-screen relationships, Wilson and fellow Diva Candice Michelle were known as Vince’s Devils in 2005-2006 and she appeared alongside Carlito between 20.

She works with a Minnesota drug rehabilitation program for teenagers, where she ministers women taking part.

Former Women’s and Divas Champion Michelle Mc Cool has spoken out in the past about how she felt her relationship with The Undertaker affected the way she was treated by colleagues within the WWE during her final run with the company.

But once they step away from the spotlight that focus is relaxed.

Here, we have tracked down 10 of WWE’s top former female stars to find out who they are spending time with in real life today.

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