Who is bam margera dating now

The events leading up to their wedding became the subject of yet another Margera reality show called The couple did get married, but unfortunately it didn't last.

In 2009, Margera wound up in the hospital following a four-day drinking binge, around the time the couple entered marriage counseling. And Bam moved on — in 2013 he married again, this time to an artist named Nicole Boyd.

Two female security guards tried to block him from getting in, triggering a skirmish in which a hostile Margera was accused of yelling some nasty things at them.

Unfortunately for Bam, the Icelandic rap group Glacier Mafia was nearby and noticed the scuffle; the rappers intervened and gave Margera such a beatdown that he was knocked out. Bam had partied hard for years, and his mother felt it grew problematic after the death of Ryan Dunn.

While Margera remained a partner and often hung out there with his friends, day-to-day ultimately operations fell to Moore, who in 2014 closed it down because he'd tired of the long hours.

Bam Margera really started spending less and less time at the Note in 2010 — because he suffered a horrible injury in a fight there.

In 2008, Margera starred in and directed the sequel, which concerns characters from the first movie taking revenge on a guy who stole their idea for an invention.

The gig went off fine, but afterward, Margera allegedly got drunk and tried to force his way into the control room.

But they never got married — they split up in 2005, and a year later Margera filed a restraining order against her after she allegedly broke into his house.

But Bam learned to love again, and in 2006 he started dating and proposed to a childhood friend named Missy Rothstein.

And yet, the show was so popular that Vito was famous in his own right and would appear at public events — like the 2006 meet-and-greet held in a Colorado skate park that ended with him getting into some really nasty legal trouble.

Vito was charged with child sexual assault for groping two girls, ages 14 and 12, but Bam brushed off his uncle's crimes, saying it was a frivolous lawsuit and declaring the entire trial just a way for lawyers to bilk his uncle out of thousands of dollars in legal fees and "get their name in the paper." Vito was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to 10 years of probation.

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