Who is tamra barney dating

writers have come up with an exciting twist for Tamra Barney this season. Simon says he was at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas this weekend, walked into a club around midnight and: "I saw Tamra with a friend of mine, Eddie Judge,” he told Radar Just weeks after she was served divorce papers by her husband of 11 years, Simon, Barney has confirmed that she's moved one... "I saw them holding hands and acting like a couple.Barney, pictured above with Judge, admits to the relationship with her ex-husband's close friend.She said: ""I started dating Eddie Judge last week... It was bound to happen that we both we would dating again after [Simon] filed for divorce.The show , Tamra stepped into the world of television and stardom. Tamra Sue Waddle was born in 1967 in California, USA.Beforehand, she worked as a licensed realtor in Coto de Casa and Ladera Ranch. She grew up with her brother Kenny Barney in California.

We started hanging out together more after my separation and one thing led to another. Who needs enemies when you have friends like Eddie Judge.”TELL US – WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS LATEST TIDBIT?

We had been friends for over a year.”Tamra continues, “We are romantically involved, he is a great guy. My family and me are devistated that he would stoop so low. DATING YOUR HUSBAND’S FRIEND 4 WEEKS AFTER HE FILED FOR DIVORCE, YAH OR NAY?

It was bound to happen that we both we would dating again after he filed for divorce, it was going to happen sooner or later.”There’s even more as Simon took to his facebook page and posted the following along with the below picture of he, Tamra and their friend Eddie.“Eddie was a family friend. There are plenty of women he could have gone after.

However, people are curious to know Tamra Judge daughter and her husband. Currently, Tamra is married to her third husband, Eddie Judge. Regis Monarch Beach, California on June 15, 2013, following a 15-month-long engagement.

By profession, Tamra’s husband, Eddie is a businessperson.

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