Wife dating salesmen

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011, approximately 14.8 million people were employed in the retail industry, which adds up to nearly 10 percent of the US labor force.

Cashiers and sales people were the most common position in the economy, representing approximately 6 percent of the work force.

With close-ended questions, you should already know the answer, but ultimately, they help you steer the conversation while giving the person in front of you the wheel.Similar to a one-night stand, there was "no attachment."Social interaction, specifically dating, can be approached the same way as a customer interaction, albeit at a more inconsistent pace.With a good quality sale, the entire interaction can easily be done within 15 minutes.In my opinion, the one-night stand is still a relationship — it’s just an empty one.To that end, in the sales industry we would call it an “empty basket,” which is where the customer purchased the product, but didn’t want anything else to go with it.

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