Wisconsin dating laws

The cost depends on many factors including the number of hearings, the types of issues included, the nature of assets of one or both parties, whether a guardian ad litem is appointed to represent the children’s best interests, and whether the parties have reached agreements on some or all issues.

Legal annulments are granted only for very specific reasons. In Wisconsin, custody refers to decision-making authority, and it is most common for custody to be held jointly between the parents.

The court may grant an annulment if it finds: Even in cases where the court cannot grant a legal annulment, the parties may be able to pursue an annulment through their church in addition to the divorce. Pursuant to statute, the court is required to presume that joint legal custody is in the best interest of the children.

It is in the present best interest of the minor children of the marriage for the parents to have joint legal custody if both parents are fit and proper persons to have joint legal custody.

No hearing on the divorce will be scheduled until 120 days after the defendant is served the summons or after the filing of a joint petition.

The equal distribution may be altered by the court, without regard to marital misconduct, based on the following factors: Wisconsin uses the "Percentage of Income" standard to determine the level of child support.

If one party contests the grounds, the court is still required to make a finding that the marriage is irretrievably broken if it finds no reasonable prospect of reconciliation.

Since each case is different, the cost of each case varies significantly.

[Based on Wisconsin Statutes; Sections 767.05, 767.07, and 767.12].

If custody of a child is a contested issue, mediation is required.

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