World accommodating nrm

These looked at ways of understanding New Religious Movements (NRMs) which include cults and certain types of sect.

Not to be confused with New Age Movements (NAMs) which we shall come onto later!

This has led to the development of typologies of cults and other New Religious Movements.

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sectarian or communitarian groups of worshippers, not necessarily Christian, who have usually undergone an intense conversion experience, and are often regarded with suspicion or even hostility by the public and press.

Rather, this hostility should be seen as a product of the particular orientation which different groups adopt towards the world: in so far as world rejecting movements demand the total involvement of their members, and the breaking of family ties, anger and resentment are going to be almost inevitable consequences.

NRM seem to have grown as a result of people's dissatisfaction with the kind of religious experience offered by the traditional Christian churches.

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