Wu zun and ella dating

I would have rather today’s confession being Wu Zun revealing he was half-robot.

Wu Zun finally owned up to being married to his girlfriend of 18 years and having a daughter together (who should be around 3 years old now).

He’s clearly giving James Wen and his 17 year girlfriend who he married earlier this year a run for their money in terms of long term commitment in a relationship.

Wu Zun and his wife have been dating since they were 16 years old and met in high school.

His businesses include Bake Culture (Taiwan based artisan bakery), The Energy Kitchen (creativity healthy gourmet), Fitness Zone (largest and biggest health club in Brunei since 2003), and Wo Men Hair Salon (team of professionals for international celebrities).

He is a business owner in the Brunei fitness and health industry.This was also the year that he became the Ambassador of Disney China and Legoland, and he noted that this has been one of the most memorable accomplishments for him as growing he is a big fan of Disney and his remarkable works.2018 is a high time for endorsements for Wu Chun as he endorses Lab Series, Land Rover, , Head and Shoulders, Safeguard and Nutrilon.Initially when he entered the industry he introduced her to his friends but as he became more famous, she became less willing to be in the limelight and asked that he keep their relationship a secret. Me thinks you are letting your wifey take the fall on this one.Let it be said that Wu Zun having a long time girlfriend back in Brunei is really the worst kept secret in TW-ent because everyone in Taiwan Brunei knows it, and I think only his international fans kept insisting he was single despite his lame attempts to keep that illusion going.

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